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You may have to buy plenty of furniture and fixtures for home usage and occasionally some such things have to be bought for special purposes. In Indian households, using temple or puja mandir is pretty commonplace. Usually found in the puja room, Home mandirs are used for worshipping the various deities. In such Wooden pooja mandir units, people keep the idols of their favorite deities and the apparatus used for worship such as conch shells and diya etc. However, you need to be careful about buying Pooja Mandir for home.  You should buy Wooden mandir for home from reliable and reputed manufacturers. At Hind Arts, we offer a huge range of Wooden Mandir units for people with varying devotional need and budget.

The uniqueness

You can contact a regional carpenter for making a Wooden Temple for home for sure. You may even think that will be a cost effective option. However, it is not possible for a local carpenter to match the skill and expertise of professional and veteran Wooden Temples Manufacturers like us. Neither can they match the product range offered by us!

Based in Udaipur, Rajasthan, we have been manufacturing different types of puja mandir units for years. We also manufacture diverse types of household furniture. We are among the top Puja Mandir Exporters too. Our staffs can design quality and aesthetic looking puja mandirs for your home, without requiring a long time.

What you can expect

Hind Arts has earned a reputation as a top Pooja Temple Supplier over the years. We can craft mandirs to suit your devotional needs the best. Aesthetics- You do not want your puja mandir to resemble a drab looking wardrobe for sure! It is where your beloved deities will be kept. We can design beautiful puja mandir units that will make you pleased and the guests amazed.

A wide range of hues- We can craft wooden mandirs with different hued finish. Pick from dark chocolate or amber finish or light yellow, based on your penchant. You may want a wooden mandir that has same polish and finish as the remaining furniture in the house.

Shapes- Not all puja mandir units have to be box shaped or rectangular-for sure. We can make mandir units with oval top or hexagonal shape with rounded corners. Just explore our range of wooden puja mandirs and tell us what you need.

Diversity of Design style -We are capable of crafting puja mandirs with innovative design style. From eye catching floral design at top and sides to religious symbols and patterns, we can do it all. From intricate styled mandirs to those reflecting minimal elegance, our staffs can create it.  If you have any design idea for the mandir, just let us know.

  • Functionality- You may want a puja mandir not only for keeping the idols but also for keeping devotional accessories like bells, conch shells, incense and so on. Ask us for Pooja Mandir with doors. We are capable of creating space saving design mandir units too. We can manufacture Large Pooja mandir for home as well as moderate sized units for people who do not have a large puja room. If you do not want a floor standing mandir, pick from our Wall mounted pooja mandir range. Such units are useful when you want to save floor space or there are playful kids and mischievous pets at home.
  • Quality- As one of the leading Puja Mandir Suppliers in India, we believe in offering high quality products to the customers. Each of our puja mandir units are manufactured by skilled staffs and we use only quality timber. The units will last for a long time and the maintenance needs are minimal. You can be assured of getting a puja mandir that is finished to perfection. Every part of the mandir, including doors and shelves inside are made impeccably.
  • Timely delivery- No matter how large or intricately styled a mandir you need, we will not make you wait for a long time. We strive to deliver the products within the time frame committed by us at the time of placing the order. Very few Pooja Mandir Manufacturers can match us as far as timely delivery is concerned.

Get in touch You may have a number of queries regarding our Sevan wood Temple units or pricing. You may also be curious about issues like shipment, payment and installation etc. At Hind Arts, we are ready to resolve all your queries. Once you interact with us you will understand why we are rated among the top Wooden Temple Manufacturers in the country. You need not fret about exorbitant charges and our puja mandir pricing will put a smile on your face, instead. Feel free to write to us at hindartsandexports@gmail.com. For talking to us, call at +91 9001307443 / +91 7737707463.

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